Monday, June 1, 2009

Bring it all back now...

Well, you know that Hollywood is scraping the bottom of the pot when you see something like this:

I dunno if any of you, like me, spent many hours in front of the tv as a younger child, watching this new fad in America: japanese animation, aka "Anime," but you know that times are desperate when the movie world ressurects something as astounding as Dragonball.

I mean, not to discredit the show, because that was a sound plan in its time and I know that the Dragonball series are actually the longest running animated series to make so much air time. And the movie itself wasn't half bad, but REALLY.

To mention the movie, I must admit it was quite good. I was never too huge of a Dragonball fan when it was on TV, but I did watch several episodes and I learned who the characters all were, so I know more or less the gist of the show. From a fanatic's point of view, the movie was probably too irksome - several small details about the characters were changed, some characters lost most of their image while translating into LIVE-ACTION... But I mean, from a practical person's view, it was probably as close to the actual story as they could've gone without spending billions of dollars on CGI.

The puns were funny, the fighting was just fake enough for it to be fun, but not too real to make it over-used. The characters were similar enough to their cartoon versions that they still had some of their charm to them, and the computer graphics were just realistic enough for them to be enjoyable, but once again, not over-done.

Well, take a look at the trailer and see what you think!

Anywho, take a look at the movie if you get the chance! Don't be too bummed out by how low Hollywood has to sink - just 'cause they went there, doesn't mean they did a bad job of it!

Later all ;)