Monday, June 22, 2009

Ready to rock out!

Lookin for that awesome sound to rock out to while out clubbing?

Ever heard of DJ Havoc?

Better be prepped for some fun! This San Fran DJ is really rockin out these days!

Check out this vid!

Ready to dance?

Check out his site or his Myspace! Then maybe find out where he's playing next and check out a show!

I know that's what I'M doing ;)

Take 'er easy readers!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kickin' around, Hangin' out...

Straight to it, ladies an gentlemen!

This band never really enticed me, until now.


Nickelback! Canadian band - been super famous - actually listed number two in the foreign bands (behind the US) AFTER THE BEATLES - since 1996. Wanna know more about them? Visit their website here, and their Myspace here.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bring it all back now...

Well, you know that Hollywood is scraping the bottom of the pot when you see something like this:

I dunno if any of you, like me, spent many hours in front of the tv as a younger child, watching this new fad in America: japanese animation, aka "Anime," but you know that times are desperate when the movie world ressurects something as astounding as Dragonball.

I mean, not to discredit the show, because that was a sound plan in its time and I know that the Dragonball series are actually the longest running animated series to make so much air time. And the movie itself wasn't half bad, but REALLY.

To mention the movie, I must admit it was quite good. I was never too huge of a Dragonball fan when it was on TV, but I did watch several episodes and I learned who the characters all were, so I know more or less the gist of the show. From a fanatic's point of view, the movie was probably too irksome - several small details about the characters were changed, some characters lost most of their image while translating into LIVE-ACTION... But I mean, from a practical person's view, it was probably as close to the actual story as they could've gone without spending billions of dollars on CGI.

The puns were funny, the fighting was just fake enough for it to be fun, but not too real to make it over-used. The characters were similar enough to their cartoon versions that they still had some of their charm to them, and the computer graphics were just realistic enough for them to be enjoyable, but once again, not over-done.

Well, take a look at the trailer and see what you think!

Anywho, take a look at the movie if you get the chance! Don't be too bummed out by how low Hollywood has to sink - just 'cause they went there, doesn't mean they did a bad job of it!

Later all ;)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Russell Peters, Comedian

Watching this man perform, you'll quickly find that Russell Peters chooses his themes quite simply: by race. You can learn a lot about how Canada is really formed by the way this man blatantly undresses racial discrimination and makes it funny - Canada is full of so many different amalgamations of races that making racial jokes is not only easy, but a great deal more acceptable by the fact that he, being Canadian, probably has many of those races in his own bloodline, or is directly related to them.

While he is only first generation Canadian, hailing from the bumping metropolis of Bombay, India, he has proven himself as a true Canadian by embracing all the cultures and races that his wondrous country presents to him.

Without any further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Russell Peters.

If you aren't doubled over laughing, take a moment to visit his website here, or his Myspace page here.

Hope you all had a good laugh - I know I did!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oddo Man

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to take a moment to show you work from a very interesting photographer I just stumbled across! His name is Terren Oddo, and I must say, when I looked at his photography, I kept looking until I had seen all that there was to see on his website.

What drew me closest to Terren's work was not particularly the style of clothing his subjects wore, or the lighting, or really the scenery, but the incredible emotion that his subjects portray from just their facial expressions! Usually I find with more modern-styled art, they focus on the materialism of today's society, and forget the power of true modelling, where the face can speak a million words.

To save you from any further interlude, here are some of my favourite selections of his work.

This one captures my gaze longer than any other, I believe, just for the intensity of the subject's stare - it's like he's looking at the person looking at him, not the camera.

And this beautiful lady, has such an incredible display of emotion painted across her face...

And here he is taking pictures of a band called "Sucker for Pumps." For more about the band, visit their Myspace page.

And I'd like to top it off with this picture, one that you could spend ages looking at trying to decipher what this subject is feeling - confusion? Betrayal? Anger? Sadness? It's brilliant.

Anyways, I hope you liked this glimpse into Terren Oddo's photography. If you'd like to contact Teren about his work, you can email him to this address: .

Stay tuned for more Reversed Culture!

Un Poco De Estilo Cultural

¿Que tal readers?

Today we're gonna go a bit south to a tiny little village just outside of Oaxaca City, Mexico. A village called Tlacolula de Matamoros. I happened a very interesting tour there once, of an art sale. But what was the art to be?

I'm sure you're all familiar with that funky design style we all think of when someone mentions the term "Mexican blanket," well, that's exactly it! I had happened upon a real indigineous group of Mexicans, called Mixteca, in what was literally the middle of nowhere. Picture your classic Mexican scene in a movie, with deserts and cacti all around... well that's where this place was! It looked a bit out of place for the scenery - it was a little bit modern and new looking, but regardless of that, these Mixteca people were hand crafting these Mexican blankets and rugs, using the same tools their people had been using for hundreds of years!

Using the liquid that is found within a certain type of cactus, the Mixteca people are able to create an incredibly permanent type of dye, and they also gather a similar dye by collecting the bugs that eat this cactus, squishing them up and using their blood as the dye! (I hope that's not too graphic for anyone!)

Anyway, there are tons of other ways for them to create colours, and make designs and such,
but I figured I might spare you from my ranting and just show you some incredible pictures! :D

Here's a shot of a fairly large rug - this piece costs about 900 pesos, equal to more or less 95 dollars american, but it took probably about 6 weeks of work on this piece alone to create.

Here's a picture of one of the old-fashioned machines that they still use to create these blankets!

And finally, here's a shot of the interesting building found in the middle of nowhere, Tlacolula! :P

Well, it's not much of a testament for me, but I hope you've enjoyed this post, and that you've gleaned a little insight to the real Mexico!

Kristian, out!

Monday, May 18, 2009

#Photography ; Jeremy Kost

Jeremy Kost is the polemic photographer who takes photos only using polaroids ;
He is not only known by that, also he is really good at lauching amd helping promoting parties ; not to mention his ability to take wonderful polaroid shoots.
He's currently 31 years old and lives in New York ; New York.
According to his official bio, he was inspired by Andy Warhol and his kind of art ;
His shots are taken without considering lighting, make up, etc ; He pretty much "steals" the moment by portraying it in his shots. He takes it in the warmth of the moment and that is what makes his photos so natural looking and spontaneous.
People like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are fond of his work.

Me ? What else can I say other than I am a big admiror of his work and how spontaneous and sexy/provocative some of his shots can be ?

Official Website


His Work ; RoidRage

Here we have some photos taken by him, not really new, though, i just randomly selected them ! All hail Jeremy Kost !

Some person's nipple lol !

Agyness Deyn ; One of the no1 models lately and some other one

Mary Kate Olsen -- Olsen Twins

Benji Madden with Nicole Richie

If it's nae Scottish, it's CRRRAP!

So for those of you who don't know, I have some pretty strong heritage that dates back to Scotland! I've been thinking of posting about my own culture, so I thought you might be interested in hearing about one of the most historical countries of the world: Scotland!

The first real known history of the country dates back about 13,000 years ago after the last glaciation when settlers arrived. It wasn't 'til about 3500 years afterwards, however, that the first permanent houses were established.

Around the time of Christ, the Roman empire started to pull some
real influence over the little country, and two thousand years later, it is now part of the United Kingdom and it's capital, Edinburgh, is one of the largest financial cities in all of Europe!

For those of you who are Scottish, but haven't taken much time to learn about your heritage, the easiest and probably the most fun way of getting into it, is by going to any of the Scottish Highland Games! These are incredible events that take place all over the world and are a treat for anyone from any background! Events like the Strongman Competition are always great to see, with events like Toss the Caber, the Hammer Throw, Sheep Toss, among other such things. There are also events like Pipe Band Competitions, where bagpipe bands come from all over to win the affection of the judges by mixing the sounds of bagpipes, snare drums, tenor drums and base drums to create an incredibly harmonious sound (if they're good) that can be heard from miles around. There is also almost always Highland Dance Competitions, where dancers from toddlers to seasoned adults compete for medals and the crowd's attention. Each of these types of competitions create their own worlds of culture and diversion, and are just as good as joining a football team for team spirit, self improvement and physical fitness!

Besides the skilled events at these games, there are also MANY fun things to do, most importantly the Beer Garden, usually a large portion of the field that is sectioned off with cheesy plastic fencing where the older people go for a cool beer or two to enjoy the banter of the games and escape what is usually 30 degrees celcius heat! For the people who don't drink, there are usually tons of vendors lined down the fields in tents, children events (for toddlers to teens), and of course: the concession! Massive cauldrons of Kettle Corn, curry and fries, biscuits, candies, all sorts of pastries and savory sweets, and of course, no Highland Games can officially be called Scottish without what is probably the most interesting tasting soft drink you'll ever have: IRN BRU. Even for those who don't care for it's unique flavour recognise it as a symbol of these great, Scottish events.
Even if you're not Scottish, there's always room for fans and admirers to come and enjoy the festivities as well! You don't have to be Scottish to party like one!
So if you ever get the chance to visit a Highland Games, or if you hear about one nearby (they're usually all over the place in the summer), take a day or two out of your busy schedule to wander on down for some good old-fashioned Scottish fun! I promise, you won't regret it! And while you're at it, take the chance to visit your Clan tent. Almost every last name can be found under some form of Scottish Clan - mine, for example, is Sinclair, which derrives from the Sinclair Clan, although it's not always so obvious.
And with that, hopefully, you've gleaned a little bit of insight from this wonderful country! For such a little country, it has gained much approval from all over the world as a fun-loving, rich both economically and culturally country!
Until next time readers - this is Kristian Sinclair, signing off.

#more songs !

Some great songs ; some of them are old ; some are new, at the end of the day, they are cool and that's all that really matters, if you havent heard them already, do it now !

The Dance Inc - The Boy Who (Fukkk Offf Remix)

Zombie Nation - Forza (Fukkk Offf Remix)

The Bloody Beetroots - Warp (feat. Steve Aoki - Official Video)

Chester French - She Loves Everybody (Steve Aoki Remix)

some great music for today !

Dizzee Rascal Bonkers - Soulwax Remix

If you really like Dizzee Rascal Bonkers, here goes another remix version !

Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers (Rob Perry Remix)

Now... going back to some of last years great music...
Make sure to check out all the remixes related to this one, all of them are great!

Rave Is King ( Original Mix ) - Fukkk Off

We are currently looking for affiliates, so, if any of you is interested make sure to let us know!
;) Thats all for now! laters!

Spring 2009

Moving on to fashion, then..
Why not be inspired by some celeb looks Ive found ?
Credits for the next following picture to Marie Claire's Guys Spy section.

When you think about stilish cool knits, you should go big ! check out these looks and let me know what you think about it.. Who's the best dressed?


Now, talking about trends to spring 09 ; even though we are about to move on to summer already ; there is still time, and they are quite wearable during summer as well !

Ok, so, First of all, all photos taken by Marcio Madeira ( a brazilian runway photographer and publicist)

Junya Watanabe : Gingham

A retro picnic - kind of look ; really stylish and trend-setter, This look reminds me of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.



Lanvin :

Give special attention to the shorts and sandals, they pretty much make the whole look, you could as well wear it with a a rolled up half buttoned shirt and it would still look really nice.


Ermenegildo Zegna :


Giorgio Armani : Eastern looking clothes yet quite stylish


Dolce & Gabbana : Go preppy and clean cut.


Richard Chat : Short shorts


Now, since not all of us have money to spend with clothes, go low budget : there are a lot of designer looking clothes at H&M ; Check this out :
(All credits to H&M.)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Black, Green and Hot

Okay, so I'm sure you've all gotten tired of this whole 'music' craze that Camden and I have been posting about for a while, so it's time to switch it up for some fashion!

Due to our locations, Camden will be covering local fashion based in Europe, whereas I will be working with North America for the time being.
Good news for all the ladies! Scruffy and unkempt is OUT while tidy, classy and urban are the new IN! Long, black cotton coats (buttons for the men, buttons and belts for the ladies) are still clinging on while the northerners are still shying away from the last few cold days before spring progresses into summer.

This look is quite classy, and thanks to the jacket, boys are being forced by the new fashions to cut those long curls, wax or gel up that short hair and keep it looking fresh! You can also see here the last of this winter's colour: vibrant blue. There are also some more turquoise shades of blue that were still floating around, which you can see in places like Le Chateau. For the businessmen and women, this has been a wonderful way to add colour and vibrance to the workplace, while also keeping formal and appropriate when it comes time for a meeting or conference.

However, blue is no longer the colour of the season, at least not for the Northerners! No, ladies and gentlemen, GREEN is the colour taking the fashion world here by storm! As summer gets closer and closer, we're seeing more bright colours. People are shedding their heavy winter-wear and relishing the arrival of the sun. I'm sure we'll be seeing some more powerful colours as the sun becomes more constant, but for now we're dealing with softer shades.

The best part about the fashion world these days, is that despite the world's economy being in the poor state it's in, people are leaning more towards big brand name clothing, instead of copping out to Wal-Mart or Zellers and getting the "Almost In" products. That means good news for big names like D&G, Armani, GUESS, and other such big names. So when it comes time to pinch our pennies, stretch every dollar, people are doing it in STYLE, and putting their small change from clothes shopping towards rent, groceries and ultility bills!

You gotta love the fashion world!

Until next time readers, this is Kristian, signing off. Keep it hot!


Ciara Featuring Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic [ remixed Xandr ]
Hope you enjoy it ! I will just skip introductions to those two !

Metro Station - Control

Ok, haha, i guess sometimes I can get really carried away whenever I start posting.. anyways, the thing is I am really excited about this blog ; here we go, yet, again !
I am all about head banging and club kinda music, hehe...
Some of you may know Metro Station, but, the thing is this music is kind of old..( the remix), but i figured some people do not know about it yet;

Metro Station is a north american pop band formed in 2006 in El Lay, California. Their myspace is
Straight to the point, check out the song remixed by Weird Science, which we all love..

But Can't You See What I See?

Does anyone remember this sweet little girl over here? She looks so young, and innocent, like there could never be anything that could make something so delicate turn against the world.

Having trouble telling who it is?

I did too, when I saw this picture.

Yes, Britney Spears has changed a LOT over the years. And when I say a lot, I mean a WHOLE lot.

Once upon a time she was a Disney Mouseketeer, capturing the heart of the world with her skills and talent for singing, acting, and being just so gosh-darn adorable.

And look where she is now.

I could never bring myself to insult Britney outright, but I can't help but feel disappointed that she's let herself go down the roads that she's taken. She could've easily been the next Audrey Hepburn - sweet and innocent, yet strong and proud, and above all: gorgeous.

It really gets me down to see a person with so much potential take the easy way out, show some skin (or in this case, ALL of it) for the sake of selling some albums. I mean, if Megan Fox can become the sexiest woman alive without taking her shirt off in her career changing performance (Transformers, for those of you who live under rocks), then Britney Spears could surely have reached world-famous status without losing the last shreds of her soul.

However, despite all this, she still deserves some applause. With all her big hit singles since the late nineties, she has managed to keep up with the times, while also keeping all her fame. She is definitely an impressive specimen, and as much as I hate her new song for getting stuck in my head all the time, you can definitely see what I'm talking about with the difference between wholesome and... other words that probably don't need to be mentioned on this blog.

(Click here for link to video)

Love her, hate her, say what you want about her - she still makes more money than me!

See you next time on Reversed Culture!

Great Big Sea

And now it's time for Kristian to make his first appearance on RC!

Since the current theme seems to be music, I'd like to take a chance to introduce you to my all-time favourite Canadian band. Canadian music is usually overshadowed from the fact that they are neighbours with what is probably the largest media-prodicing country in the world, the US of A. However, there are quite a few high-ranking artists in the lists who hail from this great, big country, such as Avril Lavigne, Celine Dione, Nickelback, to name a few.

My favourite band, however, is a little less well-known. Great Big Sea has been taking the second largest country in the world, Canada, by storm, since their first performance in 1993 in St. John's, Newfoundland.

While they're not really a head-banging, club-pounding kind of band, they have really invoked a lot of patriotism from the heart of Canada by taking folk-loric songs and vamping them up for the twenty-first century.

Originally formed by Sean McCann, Darrell Powell, Bob Hallett and Alan Doyle, their first few albums became major hits across the country. In their earlier days, before the turn of the millenium, their music was more traditional sounding in a wholesome sort of way - it seemed they were trying to keep closer to their music's roots then storming the music industry with what the rest of the world has been doing and keeping up with the latest, craziest fads. But with the release of their album Sea Of No Cares, you can definitely tell that with the influence of Darrell Power no longer in the band, they started to move towards more of a mainstream sound. Beats were pumped up, instrumentals taking a stronger role - they had really come a long way since their beginning.

Here's a video of one of my favourite songs:

For more stuff about GBS, visit their official website at:

I seriously suggest you buy one of their albums for your next road trip. They are definitely great for travelling tunes, and the lyrics are usually pretty easy to pick up, with the excpetion of their songs "Mari-Mac," and "It's the End of the World as We Know It."

Continue enjoying all aspects of music, and of course, keep reading for more updates from Camden and myself!

Lady Hawke

Dont know who Lady Hawke is ?
Well maybe it is about time to, she is a New Zealand pop rock artist, which has released last year, her self titled debut album "Lady Hawke", the name was taken from a 1985 movie directed by Richard Donner
While going to her myspace page, which is and her official website,

Check this remixed version of her newest released song ;

Starting off

Starting off by presenting The Noisettes, which is a band that is number #2 in Charts in UK. They are an indie rock band from London and it is composed by singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa, guitarist Dan Smith, and drummer Jamie Morrison.

The link for their official myspace page is:

Check out this remixed song of theirs: