Sunday, May 17, 2009

Black, Green and Hot

Okay, so I'm sure you've all gotten tired of this whole 'music' craze that Camden and I have been posting about for a while, so it's time to switch it up for some fashion!

Due to our locations, Camden will be covering local fashion based in Europe, whereas I will be working with North America for the time being.
Good news for all the ladies! Scruffy and unkempt is OUT while tidy, classy and urban are the new IN! Long, black cotton coats (buttons for the men, buttons and belts for the ladies) are still clinging on while the northerners are still shying away from the last few cold days before spring progresses into summer.

This look is quite classy, and thanks to the jacket, boys are being forced by the new fashions to cut those long curls, wax or gel up that short hair and keep it looking fresh! You can also see here the last of this winter's colour: vibrant blue. There are also some more turquoise shades of blue that were still floating around, which you can see in places like Le Chateau. For the businessmen and women, this has been a wonderful way to add colour and vibrance to the workplace, while also keeping formal and appropriate when it comes time for a meeting or conference.

However, blue is no longer the colour of the season, at least not for the Northerners! No, ladies and gentlemen, GREEN is the colour taking the fashion world here by storm! As summer gets closer and closer, we're seeing more bright colours. People are shedding their heavy winter-wear and relishing the arrival of the sun. I'm sure we'll be seeing some more powerful colours as the sun becomes more constant, but for now we're dealing with softer shades.

The best part about the fashion world these days, is that despite the world's economy being in the poor state it's in, people are leaning more towards big brand name clothing, instead of copping out to Wal-Mart or Zellers and getting the "Almost In" products. That means good news for big names like D&G, Armani, GUESS, and other such big names. So when it comes time to pinch our pennies, stretch every dollar, people are doing it in STYLE, and putting their small change from clothes shopping towards rent, groceries and ultility bills!

You gotta love the fashion world!

Until next time readers, this is Kristian, signing off. Keep it hot!