Sunday, May 24, 2009

Russell Peters, Comedian

Watching this man perform, you'll quickly find that Russell Peters chooses his themes quite simply: by race. You can learn a lot about how Canada is really formed by the way this man blatantly undresses racial discrimination and makes it funny - Canada is full of so many different amalgamations of races that making racial jokes is not only easy, but a great deal more acceptable by the fact that he, being Canadian, probably has many of those races in his own bloodline, or is directly related to them.

While he is only first generation Canadian, hailing from the bumping metropolis of Bombay, India, he has proven himself as a true Canadian by embracing all the cultures and races that his wondrous country presents to him.

Without any further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Russell Peters.

If you aren't doubled over laughing, take a moment to visit his website here, or his Myspace page here.

Hope you all had a good laugh - I know I did!